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The journey is not always smooth

Holy shit...its almost November! Its been a crazy couple of months. Lots of goodness, but also too many distractions. For starters I got a new role at work and so I've had a lot of new things coming at me. I accepted the role in early September and since then I've felt like I've been on a roller coaster. Between transitioning from one role to the next, to being the new person in a new role with a new team where other people are new too, it can feel overwhelming at times. I've even been dreaming about work and waking up thinking about work. I've honestly felt a bit mentally drained at the end of the day. I know...you're probably thinking that's not healthy. But as I get settled into the role, I know it will get better.

My new role is awesome and from a writing perspective, I think its a great fit for me. I took on a messaging role to write stories about all the social impact and community work the company I work for is supporting. Its amazing! I get to write stories about how they help kids in underserved communities, or how we're doing our part to recycle and pull plastics out of the ocean.

The sheer magnitude of everything we're involved in is so inspiring to me and I generally feel like everyone on the team is in it for a higher purpose. Just reading about the programs we support is so uplifting. Its like reading positive stories all day long. I honestly feel lucky to be part of it. But its hard work right now.

It was my choice to make the move even knowing it would be hard at first. Ironically, I made this move to support my own creative writing, yet I've had no mental capacity to work on my own stories. But I know now that I needed this move and if it means my stuff needs to take a back seat...well, so be it.

I've come to accept I just need to cut myself some slack and trust that I'll get back to it soon enough. I need to be ok with not making progress right now. One step back can lead to two steps forward. Right?

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