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I'm going back to school!

When I graduated from college with my bachelor's degree in 2009, I NEVER thought I would go back to school ever again. It took me ten years to finish my degree and it was not an easy process. My college experience was not filled with frat parties and dorm rooms. On the contrary, I had to get my education online, at night because I had a full-time job that had me traveling. Through the entire time I was going to college I always felt stretched. I can remember having to bring my schoolwork with me on trips and working at customer sites during the day then going back to my room at night to study. One trip I was at a golf event in San Diego California, and I had to step away for two hours mid-day so I could take my finals! It was incredibly stressful.

Even now I have friends who are going to college and when they tell me how little time they have, or how their progressing...well let's just say I don't envy them. I know though, that the end result is totally worth it. I remember the day that I received my diploma in the mail. I was alone and I screamed in excitement, then I broke down in tears, partly from how proud I felt, but mostly out of joy it was over. LOL!

So why on earth would I go back to school now, 13 years later? Well, I've made so many moves toward making my writing career a reality in the past two years, that I decided to pick up that momentum a bit. I'm not getting younger, and my stories are bottle up inside me like a bird in a cage waiting to be set free. I need to get them out of my head. :)

That's why I'm so excited that today I signed up to go back and finish a course I started many, many years ago. It's a two-year creative writing course with the Institute for Writers. I started the course but then many life changes got in the way, and I had to drop it. They reached out to me this past month and offered to honor the courses I had taken, and my tuition I had paid, if I wanted to restart. And I said YES! Thank you #Instrs

So here I am, excited about the possibilities and worried about the workload. But with every new road I take, here's to keeping the faith that one will lead me to my first book.

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