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Slow and steady wins the race

Updated: May 13, 2021

After a few months of me dedicating time to write daily, two things started to happen.

First, I started to see my story come to life; the scenery, the town, the people…I was creating it all. Slowly weeks turned into months, and months turned into chapters, and before I knew it I was almost done. It was like assembling a puzzle, only I got to define the details and the direction and how everything fit together.

The second thing that started to happen was I became passionate about it. To say this was a cool project to work on would honestly be an understatement. It was beyond cool to me, and it lit my soul on fire. I loved the whole process, the creativity of it, and in a time of a global pandemic, I loved the escape of it. Every morning I was putting myself into this imaginary world and trying to bring it to life through my own thoughts and words.

Those 90 minutes in the morning began to feel like a gift, and I looked forward to this time so much. In fact, I started getting up before my alarm just to get back to my characters. I wasn’t just building them; I was getting to know them. And when I read my final product for the first time as a complete story, it was exciting, and I felt an immense sense of pride just to have finished.

What I learned in the process is that I have a lot to learn. Writing in Corporate America is not the same as writing a fictional story, to put into a book for people to buy and read, and if I'm lucky, love. And where I work in Corporate America, it doesn’t operate like the publishing world. I’m a total newb, and the sooner I accepted that, the better off I'd be.

I also use to think I needed to dedicate big chunks of time to my writing just to get into it, because it takes mental focus to bring a story to life. However, once I got into the rhythm of the morning time, it worked perfectly for me, and I realized slow and steady does indeed win the race. :)

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